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Build Your Author Platform With Twitter

Welcome to Twitter Tuesdays where I feature tips on how to use Twitter for authors by authors. This week we have tips on building your platform with Twitter from author, poet and fellow book...


Social Media Tip for Authors #8: Reciprocate

Many authors think that social media is like traditional advertising, all shouting at ya’ . But it’s not. Social media is social, which means authors succeed at it when we listen and give back. If you just listen deeply to your audience and talk about the things that are important to them then you will be included in their tribe and they will want to buy your book.


Blogging as the Center of Your Social Media, Especially your Tags

This is a weekly post on social media for authors, usually appearing on Thursdays. Tuesdays is good, too. Authors, take note of this simple fact: “The more often you blog the more site visitors you will have, and the more people will know about you, and buy your books!”


Get Published Now! The secret of Author Branding

I’m coming out of the closet. I am an author marketer and branding specialist. My business didn’t start out that way. I intended to help authors write their stories and their books. But one thing led to another and now, I help authors get to market. This means not only helping them write and publish, but also market their books. And developing their brand is a key component to marketing.


Stand Tall on An Author Platform

Every author, if you’re serious about your career, needs an author platform: who you are, your brand, and your list.
Learn from the Best — But where to begin? Where indeed — learn from the best. Learn from the authors who have gone before: more experienced authors. * Read their blogs * Follow them on Twitter