Social Media Tip for Authors #8: Reciprocate

Space-out-TwitterWelcome to my Social Media for Author Tip Series, where I offer you tips to put into practice the your social media tips so that you can:

  • Connect with your readers and get to know them
  • Let them get to know you
  • Build your network
  • Create your author platform

And so you can sell more books!

Social media is: blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, MySpace, other specialized online networks like yahoo groups, YouTube, etc.

Today’s Tip #8: Reciprocate

Many authors think that social media is like traditional advertising, all shouting at ya’ . But it’s not. Social media is social, which means authors succeed at it when we listen and give back. If you just listen deeply to your audience and talk about the things that are important to them then you will be included in their tribe and they will want to buy your book.

Authors, get to know your readers. And, um, your readers aren’t everybody. Sorry. No. Your readers are very specific. Get to know them!

How do you get to know your readers?

Your best and first reader is You! List all your demographics and likes and dislikes, hopes and dreams, fears and wishes. Then starting talking to your buddies who read what you love to read and pick their brain, and note their demographics.

Then, show up on Twitter and Facebook and chat about your mutual interests. I covered how to do that using hashtags on Twitter in this post.

How do you reciprocate?

We reciprocate by giving back; retweet your friends and fan’s posts. Pass forward people’s good news. Share posts and news that show up your cool friends and colleagues that relate to your books. We can also congratulate our friends on the good news they post, or offer an encouragement.

How else can we reciprocate in the social media space? What works for you?

I’m doing a countdown for my 10 Social Media Tips for Authors. Previous posts in the series:

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