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Time To Update Your Resume by Annmarie Miles

So this year I ignored the inner voices and entered competitions, submitted to journals, wrote stories I didn’t know how to write, and agreed to do things I wasn’t 100% sure I could do.


Writer Envy by Annmarie Miles

I cheer and whoop and holler for other writers’ success; and when I do, I mean it. I genuinely mean it. But I find myself constantly comparing myself to others and how they are doing. Social media doesn’t help with that. Knowing how many followers and likes and comments etc that others have can give me a false sense of triumph and needless disappointment.


Telling the Greatest Story Ever Told by Annmarie Miles

Even though many of us share a very similar Christmas experience, we don’t all have identical ones. Every family has their quirky traditions, or ‘interesting’ relatives, or creative table plan and there’s always the unorthodox addiction to the ‘stuffing recipe’.


Characterization in a Flash by Annmarie Miles

Please welcome back Annmarie Miles for another month with Writer’s Fun Zone. In today’s article she discusses the importance of intriguing characterization from the start in flash fiction. Enjoy! *** Many writers agree that writing...