The Decision to Self-Publish… And All From a Bit of Blogging by Annmarie Miles

Annmarie Miles joins us again for another month with the Writer’s Fun Zone. In today’s article she discusses her journey as a writer from her blogging days forward, and her decision to self-publish. Enjoy!


I was blogging well before I realised I was a writer. In fact I was probably blogging before I WAS a writer. It has given me the space and time to find and develop my voice.

A blog doesn’t have to lead to something else for it to be valuable and worth doing. I didn’t start with publishing in mind and I’m glad about that because I had no expectations and there was no pressure for it to be anything other than what it was. I started my first blog by asking a question. No one answered it, so I answered it myself. Then I asked another question and here we are 6 years later… I have decided to go for it and self-publish a collection of short stories.

I can’t quite believe that it’s happening. Over the next couple of months I’ll share with you about the process and the results (!), and hopefully you’ll be encouraged to investigate taking your own writing to a new level. If you think the stuff on your blog is worth pursuing and developing into something more – here are a few things that I would suggest you do…

1.       Go get the honest opinion of someone who doesn’t love you

Let me explain:
You need to show your work to someone you’re not emotionally attached to. People who love us can find it hard to say what they really feel, or even read something with a critiquing eye. You need someone to read your stuff and tell you honestly what they think.

I’m sure there are lots of folk who enjoy reading your blog and if they are family and friends who know you, that can be all the sweeter. However if you’d like to publish some of your work, you need to get the opinion of someone who doesn’t love you so much that they can’t be objective.

2.       Go get the honest opinion of someone who knows what they’re talking about

Find someone in the publishing game if you can. Most folk are busy and some will have a charge for their services, but if you’ve connected with professional folk on social media you could always ask them to take a look. Even quick scan of some of your stuff might be enough for someone to let you know that it is at least worth taking the next step. Alternatively it could be that you have more work to do before you’re ready.
Either way some professional advice is key in making the right decision.

3.       Make an honest decision and go with your gut

If you are good now but could be GREAT in 12 months time then it might be wise to wait.

Self publishing costs money and time. The better you want the end result, the more time and money you’ll need to spend.

This is your writing! If you feel you are ready and (like I’ve done) decide that you’re not going to wait to be chosen – you can choose yourself.

Next time I’ll have more news about the book and another exciting publishing opportunity, again that has come from blogging. If you really believe you’re ready and you are in a position to make the time and financial commitments required then I say go for it. I certainly am! Even if you’re not there yet, keep going – I’d no idea where any of this was going to lead. Who knows what’s around the corner for your writing…?


Annmarie Miles is 40-something, Irish, Christian, married, and proud to be all of those things. She loves words, music & chocolate. She mostly writes about the things that life has thrown at her and how she has tried to learn, love and laugh at it all along the way!

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