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Create a Page Turner 0

Create a Page Turner

You want to create a page turner. You want your readers up late at night, reading. You want them to say to their significant other when called to bed, “Just one more page!” How...


Fire in Fiction: Novels are Intimate

We’re once again at Except Thursday. I just decided that today I would excerpt again from Donald Maass’ The Fire In Fiction, the book I’m currently reading. Why? I’m inspired by Maass’ book. Reading it makes me want to work on my novel. I hope it can inspire you too to work on your novel.


Resistance is Powerful

 is also experienced by most artists and can be overcome. Some people call Resistance: writer’s block or procrastination. Steven Pressfield names Resistance the heart of everything and anything that stops us from creating. His...


Organic Writing

Excerpted from Overcome Writer’s Block by Beth Barany The Garden Within Who you are as a writer has grown from your lived experiences, your passions and your frictions, your soil. Your fertilizer, your weed...


What is Your Destiny?

Destiny at Your Fingertips: Discover the Inner Purpose of Your Life and What It Take to Live It by Ronelle Coburn “Living Your Life Purpose—The Freedom to Choose It of Refuse It Destiny, Free...

Archetypes for Writers, an excerpt 0

Archetypes for Writers, an excerpt

Archetypes for Writers: Using the Power of Your Subconscious by Jennifer Van Bergen An excerpt: “Ultimately the Self makes a place in the world for its whole Self where one did not exist before....