What is Your Destiny?

Destiny at Your Fingertips: Discover the Inner Purpose of Your Life and What It Take to Live It by Ronelle Coburn

Living Your Life Purpose—The Freedom to Choose It of Refuse It
Destiny, Free Will, and Choice

Though your Life Purpose was carved into your hands in the form of fingerprints, fully formed just sixteen weeks after you were conceived, and you were born with a set of personality characteristics, it is up to you to make decisions and take what actions necessary to move toward fulfillment of your Life Purpose. …

Courage and Risk

“You must be willing to get out your courage. …

Patience, Practice, and Persistence

“As adults, most of us expect to be instantly good at things and give up too easily when we are unable to do something perfectly right away. I have heard so many clients with the Artist Life Purpose painfully say, ‘I think I’m creative, but I tried to paint once and wasn’t any good at it.’ … realizing your Life Purpose requires patience with yourself as you learn how to inhabit it more fully through persistent practice over time.

To Learn more about Ronelle Coburn’s Life Purpose work, visit her at: http://www.ronellecoburn.com/.

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