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Exciting news! Fun Changes to the podcast! – How To Write the Future podcast, episode 88

“My mission for this podcast is to really empower you with tools and resources so that you can sit down and write your story because I believe that our stories really do shape the world.

They shape our readers and they influence our readers.”

How To Write the Future host, Beth Barany, creativity coach, teacher, and science fiction and fantasy novelist, announces exciting news and fun changes she’s making to the podcast, shares who will be joining her for an interview in future episodes plus all about her latest film project for her award-winning series, Henrietta the Dragon Slayer. There’s also information on how to download her free World-building Workbook for Fiction Writers.

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RESOURCES for Exciting news! Fun Changes to the podcast!

Free World Building Workbook for Fiction Writers: https://writersfunzone.com/blog/world-building-resources/

Henrietta the Dragon Slayer trilogy: https://author.bethbarany.com/ya-fantasy/

Sign up for the 30-minute Story Success Clinic with Beth Barany: https://writersfunzone.com/blog/story-success-clinic/

Get support for your fiction writing by a novelist and writing teacher and coach. Schedule an exploratory call here and see if Beth can support you 1-1 or in one of her programs: https://writersfunzone.com/blog/discovery-call/

About the How To Write the Future podcast 

The How To Write The Future podcast is for science fiction and fantasy writers who want to write positive futures and successfully bring those stories out into the marketplace. Hosted by Beth Barany, science fiction novelist and creativity coach for writers. We cover tips for fiction writers. This podcast is for readers too if you’re at all curious about the future of humanity.

This podcast is for you if you have questions like:

  • How do I create a believable world for my science fiction story?
  • How do figure what’s not working if my story feels flat?
  • How do I make my story more interesting and alive?

This podcast is for readers too if you’re at all curious about the future of humanity.

Transcript for Episode 88 Exciting news! Fun Changes to the podcast!

Hey, everyone. Welcome to How To Write the Future podcast or welcome back. My name is Beth Barany. I am your host, science fiction and fantasy writer, and creativity coach, writing teacher and filmmaker. Welcome. If you are a returning listener or watcher, welcome back.

I have some exciting news to share with you today. Yes. Yes. Yes, yes. Yes. So two big pieces of news.

Today marks our special 88th episode. And the news is we are now going to twice weekly. Yes. Twice weekly.

So you can hear us on Mondays and Thursdays. Both days I drop these episodes at 12:00 AM Pacific.

So Mondays and Thursdays, and the way I’m going to divide it up is Mondays will be a solo episode where I’m teaching something, sharing something about the topic of how to write the future. And of course, this is a very broad topic.

And then the reason I went to two episodes a week is I have so many fabulous, fabulous interviews for you. And I wanted to be sharing them more frequently.

So I had this huge backlog of interviews and I will be dropping those interviews on Thursdays.

So interviews like, coming up pretty soon, talking to Adam Fleming who writes science fiction, a really fun, humorous blend of science fiction and fantasy.

I will be talking to James Alguire for a story success clinic.

So those also will show up in our Thursday slots, where we talk about all manner of world development and creating story worlds.

I’ll be talking to writing teacher Jennifer Hilt on science fiction and fantasy tropes. Really, really fun.

Also talking to Leon Conrad, simple and powerful storytelling structure tools. He’s a fabulous writing teacher.

I also have an interview coming up with Damon Courtney who runs BookFunnel, which is a fabulous forward-thinking tool to help authors with their book promotion.

I have an episode coming up with Maggie Ostara who I knew through the Thrutopia community and is doing some incredible work with empowerment and helping us vision new futures.

So that’s just a little sneak peek of some of the episodes I have coming in the next month or so.

So stay tuned for Monday and Thursday episodes.

I’m so excited to bring them to you.

And, uh, as I wrap up this very short episode, I want to encourage you to please, if you haven’t already, like this episode, subscribe to the podcast, wherever you get your podcasts.

And I’m also on YouTube.

So yes, you can follow me there, like the podcast episode, but you can also subscribe to my channel and get every single episode there.

Also, I just want to remind everybody if you’re new to my channel, you may not know that I give away a world-building workbook for fiction writers. Just follow the link in the show notes and the show description, and you can get your very own workbook to help you think through all the details of world-building for your story.

And then last but not least since this particular episode is airing at the beginning of March 2024, if you’re listening to it, uh, on the day it releases or on the week it releases or in March of 2024. I just want to let you know, I’m doing a very exciting project. I’m putting together a movie. Yes. A short film based on my heroine, Henrietta The Dragon Slayer, and her friends. So check that out, if you’re interested in supporting us or spreading the word we are crowdfunding our short film that we’ll be filming in July the beginning of July 2024.

Very excited to share this film with everybody.

So that’s it for this very special and short episode today.

Check out all the goodies for this podcast at how to write the future. Dot com.

And welcome. Welcome to our world.

And storytellers, I believe in you.

I didn’t say at the top of this episode, that my mission for this podcast is to really empower you with tools and resources so that you can sit down and write your story because I believe that our stories really do shape the world.

They shape our readers and they influence our readers.

One of the people I interviewed recently talked about how we’re in the business of creating experiences. We can do that all kinds of ways. Right? We can throw a party. That’s a kind of experience. We can put on a play. We can make a movie.

We can write novels. Novels are a form of experience. That’s what we’re doing. We’re shaping the experience. Not just while our reader is reading. But afterwards. We are experienced creators. And I’m all about that. And I’m all about sharing tips and tools to help you and empower you to do that. So please write your stories. Your stories are important. That’s all for this week. Write long and prosper.

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