How to Write a Novel in a Weekend webinar is today

How to Write a Novel in a Weekend with Beth BaranyHello my friends!

I’m so excited! 

When I was approached by my colleague, Alicia Dunams, founder of the Bestseller in a Weekend programs, to partner with her for fiction writers, I jumped at the chance.

Our no-cost webinar, How to Write a Novel in a Weekend,” is today!

When: This Wednesday, Oct. 2, 11am Pacific (12noon Mountain, 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern) 

What: I’ll be sharing some tips and tools to get you in action now, and info about my upcoming 3-day event on all the things you need to know, have, and do to write your novel. (Hint: The 3-day event will give all you all the material you need to know so that you’re ready to start writing your book.)

If you want to write a novel but you feel you don’t know how to begin, or are struggle with organizing your ideas, then join us!

If you’re thinking about writing the next Harry Potter, Twilight series, Jack Reacher series, etc., and are wanting to write a fantasy, science fiction, mystery, thriller, or romance, then this webinar is just what you need to get started on your novel today.

How: Details about “How to Write a Novel in a Weekend” can be found here. I am a leading expert in teaching aspiring authors to create genre novels and have helped hundreds of writers get writing and complete their books. In this 60-minute presentation, you will discover:

  • The key elements of a compelling plot (It may not be what you think!)
  • The benefits of knowing your characters inside and out.
  • How to organize your time to write your novel quickly.
  • How to sell your book to agents, editors, and most importantly, readers, — and much, MUCH more…

Alicia knows from past experience that our webinar will fill up quickly. You will want to register below now.

Be sure to show up 15 minutes early to ensure your spot.

Space is limited. Register now if you want to get a book done and become a successful novelist.

All my best,

Beth Barany
Award-winning novelist, Keynote Speaker, and Fiction Author’s Coach

PS. If you can’t make today’s webinar, we will have a replay. UPDATE: The replay is up here: for 3 days only!

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  • chrissy says:

    Oh Bummer, my blog feed just posted this today. I’ll be very interested in the replay. 🙂

  • Beth Barany says:

    Hi Chrissy, Sorry about the delay. I’ll be sure to let you know about the replay. 🙂

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