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About Cindy Kehagiaras

Cindy’s writing journey began after her 50th birthday, and the pandemic lockdown provided the opportunity to write. 

Some of Cindy’s stories have haunted her dreams for decades. When the characters shouted day and night, Cindy knew she had to write about them.

Cindy’s previous lives have been in advertising, fashion, and a small business owner. 

She has made it her life’s ambition to push through challenges of a dyslexia diagnosis to consume novels, poetry, articles, and tell her stories.

A proud native-Californian, Cindy lives in Hermosa Beach, CA with her husband, two beautiful kids, and two spunky-rescue kitties.

On to Our Interview!

Q. Tell us who you are and what inspires you to write.

A. I am in my fifth of nine lives inspired by the loves of my past and my present.

Q. How did you get to this place in your life? Share your story!

A. Turning fifty in the pandemic lockdown unlocked a flood of stories in my head. Maybe to deal with the stress of uncertain times. The voices wouldn’t stop until I wrote down their stories. Now five completed books, five short stories and four works in progress. Two of the books being published this year (2022)

Q. What are you most passionate about?

A. Places and stories. Traveling and learning the history, food and lore of each place.

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about your writing process, routine, and/or rituals around your writing?

A. I was a corporate slob for many years. 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday are my writing hours. Unless particular voices have my brain hostage and then I could be up at 5am writing.

Q. What are a few challenges you faced in creating, marketing, or publishing your creative work? And your solutions to them.

A. I do not have a formal writing education. Structure, pace, grammar and punctuation are a big challenge for me.

Q. What do you wish you had known before you started writing fiction?

A. How vicious editors can be. Especially when you are not as clued into the process as they are.

Q. What’s next for you in your creative work?

A. Finishing edits on the second book. (Due out Sept.) and trying to convince both publishers to buy the sequels. Then writing movie scripts for all four stories.

Q. Is there anything else you wished I’d asked? Please share!

A. It’s all good

Two Princes by Cindy KehagiarasTwo Princes by Cindy Kehagiaras

It’s 1996, when uptight NYC attorney Jay Salas has to solve several problems at once. And while he can typically handle any situation with his controlled, analytical mind, when his cousin Rhys takes revenge on the terrorists who murder their royal family in the small Mediterranean country of Safina, the defiant prince is put into a leadership role he tried to avoid his entire life.

He has a plan to find him. He just didn’t count on Rhys’ dirty martini drinking, career-driven ex-lover Cori Bennet with her fierce independence and big brown eyes to turn his world inside out.

Connect with Cindy Kehagiaras

Website: https://cindykehstories.com

Twitter: @cmkehstories

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cmkehstories

Instagram: @cmkehstories

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