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Q&A with Cindy Kehagiaras

Enjoy this Author Q&A with Cindy Kehagiaras, sharing about her inspirations, challenges, writing habits, and future plans.


Termination Right 101 by Kelley Way

I’ve had several occasions now where I’m talking to an author, and they mention how frustrating it is that this publisher has the rights to their book and, for one reason or another, the publisher refused to give the rights back when the author asked for it. I promptly ask the first question that comes to my mind: “So, do you think you’ll exercise your termination right when the time comes?”


Fiction Physics (remember, the F in Physics is for fun!) by Catharine Bramkamp

I work with an engineer on the show – someone devoted to reality as much as he’s devoted to fantasy. Interestingly my son is a Geo-Physicist and is equally passionate about fantasy and science fiction. Which should be a lesson to writers: even brilliant people read to be transported to far away lands. Remember that you are writing for brilliant readers, some even more brilliant than you.

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How to Edit Your Novel in 3 Steps

After writing your novel — be it a romance, mystery, thriller, fantasy, horror, or science fiction — and letting it sit — I let my novels sit for 1 year — edit your novel in layers.


What Happens in Vegas, Gets Published to the Entire World

Extra! Welcome to another Indie Author spotlight this week, an article on how to research your novel by author Kay Keppler. Kay Keppler writes smart, funny contemporary romance, and other fun stuff. Her story on how she did research for her Vegas-based book is fun and informative. Enjoy! PS. Oh, be sure to visit her blog for a chance to win one of my writing books and many other fabulous prizes.