Winter Magic: Doing Less To Do More by Marie Bowser

 Winter Magic: Doing Less To Do More by Marie BowserLet’s welcome back monthly columnist Marie Bowser as she shares with us “ Winter Magic: Doing Less To Do More.” Enjoy!

Depending on where you live, you may already see the signs… 

There is snow in certain parts of the United States and a chill has set in at night even in the warmer parts of the northern hemisphere. 

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. And there’s a natural tendency to have less energy, to be more inward, and to sleep more. 


Winter Magic: Doing Less To Do More 

aaron-burden-AtDUYurMJIU-unsplashThis is all normal. In fact, it’s better than normal. It’s magical. 

There is a tremendous amount of power that the darker months, the time before and after the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere (November 4th through February 4th), can provide us. 

The energy of winter, of the water element, of the great yin, is quiet, still and dark. 

This quietude sets the stage for a perfect deep dive to the inner realms, to the subconscious, to your intuition and wisdom. 

Whether you are a writer who struggles with blocks to your flow, or you’re scraping together a few moments each day to write part time while working full time and raising a family, or you’re a fully focused, prolific, page pounding machine, right now is a potent time to…


elijah-m-henderson-DMED-sOt1Ak-unsplashOk. I’m exaggerating. BUT the invitation at this shift in season is to take your foot off the pedal and give yourself time, rest and space. 

Allow yourself to sleep a little longer and to use that sleep as an opportunity to dream and nourish your well of inspiration

Schedule some time each day to meditate. 

Take an inner journey to connect to your guides, your ancestors or the characters that you’re calling in to see what they have to say. 

Doing Less To Do More 

Does this period of time that I’m describing sound challenging to you?

It might be for some people. 

Maybe you’re not a naturally watery person, or maybe you feel the perpetually productive pressure of a society that applauds and rewards the energy of spring and summer. This is normal too. 

It may sound indulgent but the stillness, quiet and inspiration that you access as a result will create even greater productivity for you. Water powers cities afterall.

Singletasking, slowing down, and inviting in the winter magic 

I invite everyone, but especially you who struggle with the seasonal shift, to spend time soaking in your tub. 

The soothing, warm, water energy will calm and quiet the mind of chatter, allow your attention to go even deeper than you thought possible and attune you to the season at hand. 

By the way, we can access this potent water element energy all year long, which might be useful to know if you’re in the southern hemisphere and feeling like I’ve left you out. 

Each month at the dark of the moon we experience a water element moment. 

Even in the summer we have an opportunity to cool our jets, to go inward, to take breath and allow our intuition to bubble up. 

nikita-kachanovsky-6loxuv3aXkg-unsplashDoing less to do more… give it a go.

I can’t wait to hear what you didn’t do this winter. 

P.S. If you are curious to know more about your elemental nature you’re invited to take this fun quiz that I created to help you better understand how to use your elemental nature as a superpower as well as some advice on how to work with it’s common challenges. You can access the quiz ::HERE::


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Bowser Square Marie Bowser, L.Ac. helps driven, sensitive, overwhelmed people live vibrant, flowing and abundant lives. She does this by aligning them with their true nature and the rhythm of the five elements. Marie practices acupuncture at her office in Albany, CA and offers one-on-one, virtual, spiritual coaching based in five element philosophy.

22 years ago Marie Bowser’s healing work was directed toward healing Mother Earth. Her love for nature and strong analytical skills guided her to this calling in the role of civil and environmental engineer. Her passion and dedication for this calling led her to approach this work with fierce enthusiasm and dedication but without balance and respect for her own health.

On her journey back to health and balance she encountered her healing tools: Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, qigong, meditation, creative visualization and Daoist magic and mysticism. Her journey as a healer, an entrepreneur and spiritual seeker has allowed her to deeply connect to the most essential principles of the medicine she practices and share that with others so they can have alignment, ease, freedom, vibrant health and easeful success.

If you would like to know more about Marie and her work with the five elements, you can join her free Rise Above The Noise: 30-day Mindset Shift Challenge on Facebook where she is sharing daily discussion and wisdom to help you stay focused, positive, healthy and connected.

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