When One Door Shuts…

When One Door Shuts...by Beth BaranyWhen one door shuts…

I’d just opened the envelope that would determine my future for the rest of my life and read the letter. They didn’t want me at the School of Journalism at UC Berkeley. Gulped. Nope. That door slammed shut.

What was I going to do with my life?

I was 30 years old and had no prospects. And had stupidly only applied to one grad school of journalism.

Weeks later I finally got the courage up to review my essay and there it was. I’d declared to them in black and white that the whole reason I wanted to study journalism was because I wanted to write novels.

Well, d’uh. No wonder they rejected my application.

I wanted to be a novelist.

I got it then. I knew I had to either go forward with this dream of mine, or switch dreams and pursue that, whatever that was.

It was all on me.

When One Door Shuts…

I realized that whatever I wanted to pursue I needed to go all in.

No more wait for life to come to me, no more wait-and-see attitude.

It was time to get myself inside a community of learners and commit to it, no matter what.

It didn’t have to be a formal atmosphere. It just had to be a group of committed people all working on novels.

So I did what we all did in the pre-Internet days. I went to the library and looked on the bulletin board.

There it was. A writing group meeting in my area.

I was in. I was committed and I was jumping in with my whole heart, not at all aware of what would come of it.

That was okay. I was going to be a novelist.

Is this your dream too?

Is this your dream too? Was there something in your life that you jumped in with both feet that was both terrifying and exciting?

Comment below, or contact me, and let me know.

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