Beth Barany has helped hundreds of writers achieve their writing dreams

Beth Barany has helped hundreds of writers achieve their writing dreamsA few weeks ago I was a guest on Ryan Perry’s Simple Biz Support Facebook Live show talking about helping writers achieve their writing dreams.

We talked about my writer’s journey, how I help writers, and about developing a business as a creative entrepreneur.

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Play — Adventure — Exploration — Freedom — Discovery

Spark Manifested

Writer’s Fun ZoneWFZ, is a service to aspiring and published fiction and creative nonfiction authors …

…to help make writing and book marketing fun and adventurous.

After all, if writing weren’t bringing us some kind of pleasure, why do it?

I know you may have bad days, when sitting down to write is the last thing you want to do, yet you’ve made a promise to yourself, your fans, your readership, your boss… So sit down you must.

How do I know that? Because I’m a writer, just like you. I’m also a teacher, and am called from deep within, to teach through writing.

So, I built this site to explore:

  • What makes writing fun;
  • How to get motivated when writing doesn’t feel fun;
  • What all the pieces are of the writing world, and book world that I think are fascinating and exciting;
  • Why humans are drawn to story telling;
  • How writers can tell stories in new ways;
  • And more — It’s an exploration after all!

At the Writer’s Fun Zone, you are encouraged to play with writing and to discover how making mistakes is actually a form of play.

When you play, you take risks, you feel good for having taken those risks, and lo-and-behold, you’re grow, learn and become a stronger writer.

At Writer’s Fun Zone, I’m dedicated to helping you to:

  • Make money with your writing;
  • Have a career as an author;
  • Be fully self-expressed;
  • Be fulfilled inside and out;
  • Make meaning through your creativity;
  • And, more…

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I have lots of places to start, depending on what you want.


If you’re looking for inspiration to write, check out my series of articles on the “Spiritual Life of A Fiction Writer” here.


If you’re not sure where to start, check out the free Writer Discovery mini-course here.

If you’ve started writing, but need help with clarity, check out the free Writer’s Motivation mini-course here.


Check out the “8 Tips on Planning Your Novel” here.

And I have a whole suite of courses on writing novels here at Barany School of Fiction.



Hi! I’m Beth Barany, an award-winning novelist, master neurolinguistic programming practitioner, and certified creativity coach for writers.

Through my courses, programs, workshops and consultations, I specialize in helping writers experience clarity, so they can write, revise, and proudly publish their novels to the delight of their readers.

All my courses are packed with useful hands-on information that you can implement right away. I run an online school for fiction writers here and a 12-month group coaching program to help novelists get published here. I also offer consultations for writers here.

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