Video Interview: No More Starving Artists with Beth Barany

Screenshot 2015-05-01 05.32.53Enjoy this interview I did in May 2012 with Laura Howard. I have a hard time listening and watching myself here. LOL But I’m committed to sharing my video content at least once a week on this blog.

Authors, I recommend that you get comfortable being interviewed, and getting on video. It’s still awkward for me, even though I’m a chatterbox! More and more of our readers will go to youtube to meet their needs. Since it’s the second largest search engine on the world, don’t you want to be on there? I also realized recently that even if my readers don’t go to youtube, just having a presence there will help me be found in Google searches.

Laura writes:

“My guest is author entrepreneur Beth Barany. Beth started her career helping writers get there message out into the world. As a certified Creativity Coach, she has a passion for helping authors build successful careers. She teaches through speaking, coaching and consulting with authors. Her non-fiction includes a book for authors, The Writer’s Adventure Guide.

“Beth also loves creating strong female characters who empower women and girls to be the heroes in their own lives. Her fantasy novel Henrietta the Dragon Slayer is available now, with Book 2 coming out this summer.” [Update: Book 2 will be coming out next year. Date: TBA]


And check out Laura’s other author videos!

(Bummer about all the Skype hiccups and echoes.)

In this May 2012 interview, I rattled off a bunch of my upcoming events, but most of the ones I mentioned have passed. You can see what’s upcoming for me here:

PS. The colorful art in the background is my cousin, Miranda Bergman.

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