The Messy, Creative Process + New Mini-Course

The other day, I start editing the third book in my science fiction mystery series, but first I fiddle with my favorite game, Diamond Digger, on my iPhone, then check email, then stare at the passersby at the outdoor cafe. Then I consider playing the game again.

But then I remember: this is my hour to write. I set aside this hour in the afternoon nearly every day to work on my current WIP (work in progress.)

I have to psych myself up to start.

Like a painter losing the light, this is my one shot during the day to do the work.

I know what to do. I know the drill. This is the third book in my four book series, after all. And the third series I’ve worked on.

I have a pattern. Maybe you have it too.

Starting is Hard

I find starting hard. Really hard.

But I have something in my back pocket, my how-to-get-started-even-when-it’s-hard card.

The Creative Process

It’s this: This is my process. This hard-to-start phase, the reluctance, then delaying tactics — they are all part of my messy, creative process. I’ve accepted it.

Remembering that this messy, hard start is my process triggers my next habit: the tiny start.

I tell myself, “Just do five minutes. Just get started.”

Then I get into it.

Ezra calls me when I’m on page 4, and I want to keep going. After checking in with him, I end the call and keep editing. My goal was to get to page 5, and I get there.

My day’s writing work is done and I feel invigorated by a strong start. Later this afternoon, I’ll do another 5 pages.

This is my creative, messy process.

All this to say your creative process is your own, and may look and feel similar to my own, or may be very different. That’s okay, because that’s what shows up for you.

My Question For You

My question for you is: Are you on friendly terms with creative process?

If not, how can you appreciate your creative process as it is and not make yourself wrong for how messy or chaotic it may be?

If you are on friendly terms, yay!

A place to start getting to know your writing process is a new free mini-course I recently created called “A Writer Discovery Mini-Course.” It’s designed to bring you clarity and inspiration to your writer’s life.

It’s a deceptively simple course, but writers have told me that answering these 5 questions has been extremely helpful, enlightening, and even fun. I hope you find it useful too.

For those who haven’t taken it yet, click here to join this course.

(I know some of you have taken this course and shared your answers with me; thanks, and I replied to everyone, pretty sure! A new course is coming to you soon!)

Here’s to your creativity! Happy writing!


PS. Webinar soon! I’ll be sharing about the “6 Types of Writer Pain and How To Resolve Them” in a free webinar here. Want a sneak peek? Check out the 2-part articles here (part 1) and here (part 2) on Writer’s Fun Zone.

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  • Hugh says:

    I know so much how hard it is to start. Usually, once I start, I’m good to go. It’s tough sometimes because we are driven to distraction by the multitude of apps, notifications, and social media venues available. I wonder sometimes what distracted writers before the days of smartphones and the Internet.

    I don’t think I have the best relationship with my creative process so I have signed up for the mini-course. Thanks for that!

  • Beth says:

    Hugh, Thanks for signing up for the mini-course. I hear you about not having the best relationship with your creative process. Good news! It’s a relationship that you can cultivate and improve. I look forward to seeing your replies for the course.

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