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The Restless Artist: The Inventor by Catharine Bramkamp 0

The Restless Artist: The Inventor by Catharine Bramkamp

The restless artist is an inventor, happiest when she is creating the next great thing, so how can she become a success this way? Learn more from Catharine Bramkamp, author of Writing from the Queen’s Seat: Discover and Write From Your Authentic Authority.


The Messy, Creative Process + New Mini-Course

The other day, I start editing the third book in my science fiction mystery series, but first I fiddle with my favorite game, Diamond Digger, on my iPhone, then check email, then stare at...


Fall Forward by Nevada McPherson

The weather has just turned cooler where I live and with it I notice the light in the afternoon has a different quality. In the summer heat it’s difficult to imagine these brisk, golden days will ever arrive and when they finally do I greet them with joy and a renewed sense of purpose.


Featured Q&A With Author Missy Kirtley

Missy Kirtley, born in Marin, California, is a life-long resident of the San Francisco Bay Area. She is married with two young daughters. For four years running, Missy has won NaNoWriMo. The Royals, Volume 1: Eddie was published in June of 2014. The Royals, Volume 2: Lance, was published in August, 2014. Both are available on Amazon.com. The first chapter of Under, a Portal Fantasy novel in progress, placed in the 2015 San Mateo County Fair’s Literary contest, Genre Novelist First Chapter division. Missy currently resides in Castro Valley, California. She works diligently on a plethora of writing projects.