Can Learning to Write Better Bring You Greater Life or Business Success?

Market Makers with Lisa Canning

You can learn to write better and be a better story teller. To shore up my learning, I spend about 30-40% of my week listening to podcasts, reading articles online and print books, and asking questions and brainstorming.

Write Better

Can learning to write better bring you greater life or business success?

I recently discussed this question with artist entrepreneur, Lisa Canning, in her fun podcast, Market Makers.

Check out our discussion here, 2 parts of about 20 minutes each:

Part 1:

Lisa writes:

Meet award winning novelist, teacher and writing coach Beth Barany. In this interview we explore the creative process, how to improve your writing, how writing changes you, how the Hero’s Journey applies to writing, and much more.

If you are a fiction writer with a completed first draft, Beth offers coaching, courses and group support to help you on your journey.

You can find Beth’s writing school, fiction site, and blog at Her fiction site can be found at:

A conversation with Award Winning Fiction Author, Beth Barany Part 1 by Lisa Canning is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Part 2:

Lisa writes:

This is part 2 of my conversation with award winning novelist, teacher and writing coach Beth Barany.

Interested in learning more from Beth on how to choose your story structure? Check out a recent webinar she just did:

Learning for Life

  • What things are you curious about?
  • Where do you go to learn?
  • How do you like to learn? Audio, video, reading, in-person, etc.
  • What is your learning style(s)?
  • What are your burning questions about writing or anything else?

Share your replies below.


Beth Barany works with aspiring and dedicated genre novelists who desire to share their stories with the world.

Through her live and home-study courses and coaching programs, she helps them overcome confusion and overwhelm about where to begin and how to stay the course.

She works one-on-one and in groups to help them write, publish, and market their books.

An experienced independently published novelist and nonfiction author, Beth guides students through planning the novel, writing it, editing it, and the marketing and publishing of their fiction.

Beth has done so in two of her favorite places in the world (so far): the San Francisco Bay Area and Paris, France.

She’s also a speaker, teacher, and workshop leader and has presented in Italy, Boston, Washington D.C., Seattle, and Los Angeles.

Based in Oakland, California, across the sparkly bay from San Francisco, and next to Berkeley, as a novelist, Beth writes magical tales of romance and adventure to transport readers to new worlds where anything is possible.

Certified as a Creativity Coach, an EFL-instructor, and NLP Practitioner, Beth is passionate about helping writers and authors get their message out into the world, gain confidence in their self-expression, and discover how they can get noticed and sell books to their readers.

To get free writing tips, subscribe to her blog, Writer’s Fun Zone.
For a free 5-Day Writer’s Motivation Mini-Course, sign up here.

Other Courses by Beth Barany

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