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Nadine Travers writes paranormal romance and urban fantasy that send a chill down your spine while you’re left thinking about what the h*$l just happened. RPG player, reader, mother and wife. Nadine believes in magic, otherly worlds and mysterious creatures invisible to the naked eye. At least she pretends to. . .writing her musings for your reading pleasure.

On to our interview!

1. Tell us who you are and what inspires you to write.

I’m Nadine Travers, I live north of Montreal, Quebec with my husband and my two children. I write paranormal romance and urban fantasy. Writing was always part of my life. I started to right short story with my friend, after that, we moved away, imagining little stories. Always, believe in magic that everything is possible.

2. How did you get to this place in your life? Share your story!

I always wrote, but I decided to do it for real around my 46th birthday. I took all kinds of workshops that I could. Too much to be honest, because I was overwhelmed with information without processing it.

3. What are you most passionate about?

Anything that I could learn, history, science and other things. I also love martial arts and horseback riding. I love to bring my characters to life in my head and after in a story so that people could read it.

4. Can you tell us a little bit about your writing process, routine, and/or rituals around your writing?

I start with an idea, which I brainstorm during my household chores. After I do research, develop my character, I do a mind map and pinpoint the plot. After I start to write during my commute time, I travel by train each day. That gives me time to write my first draft. After, I let it rest for a week and start to research other things in the meantime. When the week is done, I print it. And start the revisions. This revision process needs to improve, but I think that the trial and error thing is a start. To which I will add reading out loud, in my case since I write in my second language. I try to do at least 2 or 3 reads and make the modifications before I send it to the editor.

5. What are a few challenges you faced in creating, marketing, or publishing your creative work? And your solutions to them.

One of my big challenges is to write in my second language. Since, the structure and mistakes could be more frequent vs. a native one. With this, also, comes added challenges in the editing, which I have to learn in the same time that I’m editing. The best way is to learn in the same time and not be ashamed about this. To make mistake and to learn from it.

6. What do you wish you had known before you started writing fiction?

How to prepare more, how to plot more wisely and to have an improved vocabulary. By doing more research, more plotting/brainstorming/mind-mapping, which will leave less of the hole inside the story. Work better my GMC not only for my character but also my world building.

7. What’s next for you in your creative work?

To continue my current series, and start a new one. Also, to create a course to help authors to be in control of their business as a writer and to be more aware about the corporate side of the writing world.

Unbind by Nadine Travers

Unbind by Nadine Travers

Deep in the underbelly of Montreal, an ancient evil stirs at the time of the Black Moon. Rumors dark as night seep into the public, spoken in hushed tones, as though those who speak are afraid to make the horrors they whisper of come alive.

Azura, a student of witchcraft, wakes up to find her room empty. On her way to class, she finds out that her roommate has been murdered and that the Supernatural Intelligence Agency has been called in. With them comes Rook, the lead investigator, whom Azura finds herself helplessly drawn to. But while Azura is human, Rook is a werewolf, and their romance is as forbidden as it is strong.

As the darkness draws nigh on the city, it falls on Rook and Azura to protect it—and themselves.

To connect with Nadine Travers

Site Link: http://www.nadinetravers.com
Twitter: @NadineWriter
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NadineTraversWriter/
LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/nadine-travers-682a07108
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/nadinetravers/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nadine.writer/

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