On Indie Publishing with Beth Barany and Special Surprise Guest, YA Fantasy Author Andrea Buginsky

Live Chat- On Indie Publishing Research with Beth Barany and Andrea Buginsky (WFZ)In my weekly live #askaWritingCoach chat this week, Andrea Buginsky and I chatted about the how, what, why of indie book publishing. We also gave away prizes. Andrea gave away one of her YA fantasies. (See below.) I gave away one digital copy of one of my books, Twitter for Authors, or A Cupcake Christmas. When you show up live and ask questions, you have a chance to win prizes!

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Andrea Buginsky, AuthorAndrea Buginsky is a freelance writer with a BA in Mass Communication-Journalism from the University of South Florida. She has always wanted to be a published writer, and decided to try to write fantasy books for teens. The Chosen is her first book, and was released on December 14, 2010, to her delight. She now has two young adult fantasy series.

Andrea has written five more books since:

  • Nature’s Unbalance (The Chosen, #2)
  • Striker’s Apprentice (The Chosen, #3)
  • Destiny (New Avalon, #1)
  • Fate (New Avalon, # 2)
  • My Open Heart, an autobiography of growing up with heart disease

She is currently writing the third book in the New Avalon series.

Andrea lives in Kansas with her family, which includes her two precious puppies.

Visit Andrea on her website at http://andreabuginsky.com/.

ABOUT Destiny (New Avalon, #1)

Destiny (New Avalon, #1) by Andrea BuginskyConstantly teased and taunted by the popular girls, Elena Baxter desperately wants to fit in.

On her sweet sixteenth, she receives two shocking gifts: telekinesis and the surprising truth about her heritage.

With high hopes that things will be different now, Elena returns to school to find that nothing has changed. Only this time her hurt feelings and frustration boil into something even she cannot understand.

When her powers explode, chaos ensues and she learns that her new ability is greater than she ever desired. As she learns to control her powers, Elena discovers there’s so much more to her heritage than she ever imagined.

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