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Reading “Bad” Books by Kay Keppler 0

Reading “Bad” Books by Kay Keppler

You don’t learn how to write only by reading books you enjoy. You also learn how to write by reading books you dislike. So why should you read (even if you don’t finish) books you don’t like?


Time Management – How to Eek Out More Time by Chloe Adler

I wrote one blog on the tools one can use for productivity before at and all of those tools still stand. They’re all great. What I found was that I used too many at once and that didn’t end up working well for me as I spent more time inputting and checking off than was necessary.


Learning from Our Reading by Martin Haworth

Over the summer I’ve been reading a lot (haven’t we all?) and I’ve realised that my reading has changed a little as I’ve started to write more and with the hindsight of what I’ve learned along the way.


Q&A with Nadine Travers

Please welcome Nadine Travers to our Featured Q&A series at Writer’s Fun Zone. If you’d like to be considered for an interview, check out our guidelines here.


Once You Start, Where Do You Stop? by Nevada McPherson

Greetings! Hope your summer reading and writing projects are coming along nicely. If you’ve been busy with other summer activities you’ve still got a few weeks to read a novel or two or to pen a rough draft before fall arrives. I’ve personally been in the process of moving into a new apartment and am only now getting to some projects I’ve been planning.


Nibbles to Bites, Scribbles to Sketch by Nevada McPherson

So, it’s getting to be time for that age-old question: How did you spend your summer? As the long, hot days begin to wind down, have you been working hard on a writing project, meaning to work hard on a writing project, or just enjoying some fun summer reading?


Authenticity by Faith Van Horne

I am happy to welcome Faith Van Horne back for another month with us! In today’s article Faith discusses authenticity and it’s importance for both writers and authors. Enjoy! *** When a piece of...