Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit Recap, Week 2!

Recently I shared with you some cool highlights from Jennifer Lee’s wildly popular 5th (and most likely final) Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit. Well, here’s a video recap of Week 2! It’s sure to get your creative entrepreneurial juices flowing.

Watch now and see practical and enlightening tips from Sara Avant Stover, Katherine Carey, Tad Hargrave, Kate Northrup, Virginia Simpson-Magruder, Dr Eric Maisel, Sheila Pai, and SARK.

If you got a lot from watching these snippets, just wait until you see all 10 of the full interviews, plus inspiring and authentic teaching from summit host, Jennifer Lee author of Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way and The Right-Brain Business Plan. You’ll learn how to create a lasting and profitable business on your terms in a fun, interactive, and visual way. And more importantly, you’ll cultivate the courage to ask yourself what’s truly next for you!

You can upgrade now to have unlimited access to all 10 of these amazing sessions for the affordable early-bird rate of $67 through March 24th.
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If you are looking for the ultimate package, then the Premium pass is for you. This includes access to 3 group coaching calls, a private facilitated Facebook group, transcripts of all the video summit sessions, left-brain checklists and more! Plus Jennifer has included some amazing bonus gifts (valued at $600) at the Premium level! The Premium Pass is only $137 through March 24th.

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Beth Barany

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