Simple self-care steps to cultivate habits of presence, ease and joy

How can you really care for yourself?

For writers: Simple self-care steps to cultivate habits of presence, ease and joy. Presented by my Right-Brain Business Plan cohort, Sheila Pai.

Hello dear writers!

Do you put others first and find yourself on empty when you finally get to you?

Have you been talking about starting a yoga or meditation practice…and haven’t?

Maybe you are harboring the mythical notion that self-care is selfish…

Maybe you think self-care costs money and takes time you don’t have….

The time has come for Nurturing You.

I’m participating in the Nurturing You Mindful Self-Care Virtual Retreat, hosted by Sheila Pai of A Living Family. Sheila has brought these speakers together to shift self-care from something overwhelming and unrealistic into something simple, practical and doable: Mindful Self-Care.

Sheila has gathered some truly wise women with extensive experience both personally and professionally in Mindful Self-Care, wellness, movement, relationships, parenting and creativity.

Click here to learn more about the Nurturing You Mindful Self-Care Virtual Retreat. { Yep, it’s free. }

retreat banner for Nurturing You with Sheila Pai

In this Virtual Retreat you will:

  • Get 14 days of simple and practical tips for Mindful Self-Care you can right now
  • Hear valuable insights from professionals in digestible, 20-minute interviews
  • Learn new tools for cultivating thriving habits of presence, peace, ease and joy

Plus, you can download the full range of Free Gifts and enter to win useful Giveaways, valued at over $1500!

Sheila Pai

Sheila Pai, founder of Nurturing You

As soon as you register, you can download your first Free Gift, a digital sneak peek of Sheila’s Nurturing You Mindful Self-Care Guide for Women to help you cultivate habits of presence, peace, ease and joy…a thriving life!

After all you give to others, this is a unique and valuable opportunity to receive some nurturing care and appreciation, just for you.

You can sign up for access to this enjoyable and life-changing Retreat right here.

All my best,

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