Love to read fiction? We need you. Looking for Beta Readers for a WWII Novel

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Beta Readers Requested

I’m an author’s coach, helping novelists write, publish, and market their books.

To that end, I’m looking for beta readers for one of my client’s novels.

THE REQUEST: This is a pre-publication proof designed to solicit comments to assist in the decision about whether or not to publish.

ABOUT: A World War II novel set in America and France about how the justice system fails us in the time of war.

WHAT YOU GET: To be an early reader and supporter (if you like the book!) of my client’s work. You’ll receive a digital copy of the unpublished proof to review. Lastly, if and when the book is published you will be sent an autographed signed copy of the print edition signed by the author.

IMPORTANT: This is a pre-publication proof and is not to be circulated or shared with anyone without prior written approval.

NEXT STEP: If you are interested in being a beta reader for this book, please complete the questionnaire below. You will then soon receive access to an electronic copy of the book.

DATES: We’ll start sending out digital copies by July 14th, and would like comments back by July 31st.

** If you aren’t able to give feedback in this timeframe, but would like to be notified when this book is published, please don’t fill out this form. Instead, put your email in the comments, or email me directly

NOTE: Your email is confidential and you are not being added to any other mailing lists without your express permission.

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