Novelists, Gather Your Tools of Success

Authors, What are your tools for success?

Author Success

I’ve noticed that tools make a big difference in my life as a novelist.

For me, these days, I need a working computer, plenty of ways to get inspired, and quiet time to write. I also need and have supportive people around me who can give me useful feedback, hugs, and high fives when I need them.

How about you? What are your tools for success?

Write me and share your definition of success. For those of you on Twitter, share it there too and tag it with the hashtag: #writersuccess. You can also tag me: @beth_barany.

What’s Next

In the last 9 months I’ve been transitioning from a coach who helped all kinds of writers to a coach who helps only novelists.

To that end, I’m launching my new program for novelists at the start of May. More on that below.

6 of DisksTools of Success — 6 of Disks

Today I want to share about the tools of success, the 6 of Disks.

Whenever I start something new, or I’m at a new stage in my writing, I gather my resources — mentally, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, physically, and ancestrally.

I’m doing final edits on my next romance novella. What I need most are clear and simple next steps during what feels like a complicated process. So I’ve set up some for myself: fix the ending; take care of the typos; and draft the book blurb. Oh yeah, gather ideas and images for the cover to give to my cover designer.

Take stock of your tools of success, your resources. What do you already have in your life? And what do you still need?

Share that with me or come join us on the live call later tomorrow and share then! Post your questions here: Facebook Fan Page here.


Here’s how you can join us!

Special Teleseminar Call

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The Secrets to Planning Out Your Book Without Plotting

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But guess what? There is a way to actually maintain your intuitive approach to writing and write to THE END. I guarantee it!

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When: Monday, April 14, 2014, 1pm Pacific
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How: Call in. Check your inbox for all the call-in details. We’ll also be taking questions on Beth Barany’s Facebook Fan Page here.

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  • Have started writing at least one manuscript
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Also, in this call, you’ll learn about how to work further with us.


BONUS: When you sign up for this free call, you’ll also get a special goodie: an audio recording of tips on how to get to know your characters better!

GCfGN_Sq_Preview-Sign-Up-Box-Date2 About us: Beth and Ezra Barany are award-winning, best-selling novelists, who have worked with over 100 authors to help them get their books written and published.

Happily married for over 15 years, we’re passionate about writing, storytelling, and guiding authors to achieve their dreams.


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“Beth has a way of evoking motivation and inspiration out of me, by just being, listening and encouraging in a subtle way which is perfect for me… She is one of my allies.” – Karen Lodrick, San Francisco, CA,

When you sign up for this free call, you’ll also get a special goodie: an audio recording of tips on how to get to know your characters better!


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