What I Learned During the Jan. 2013 Ultimate Blog Challenge

Screen Shot of the Ultimate Blog ChallengeOh yes! What I Learned During the Jan. 2013 Ultimate Blog Challenge — check it out!

#1: It’s fun when we do it together!

Michelle Schaeffer set up a Facebook where we could share what we posted each day, and join in, if we wanted to, to commenting on each other’s posts. This last part was SO good for me; I have a tendency to stay in my little bubble. It was great to borwse the thread and seewhich blog posts topics caught my eye and to go comment. I made some new friends, and learned about some cool tools.

#2: Blogging more often equals an increase in traffic, and with increased traffic comes more opportunities.

— Lots of new guest bloggers, including the request to post based on my traffic!

— Business conversations (I’ll share more when I can!)

#3: You don’t have to go it alone.

By “you” I mean me. Meeting a goal is so much easier and more fun with the help with my friends near and far. Okay this is a lot like #1 and #2. 🙂 It bears repeating!



At the start of January 2013 I had an average of 1,400 site visitors; now as I write this on Jan.31st, I have an average of 2,083 site visitors. Sweet!

Going Forward

I’d like to continue posting on my blog everyday, whether I write or have guest bloggers. I like it!

Do you like to blog? Have you ever tried a daily blogging challenge?

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  • Pattio says:

    I agree, so much to learn & share! 🙂 it has been great & difficult at the same time.The blogging challenge has taught me I need to plan posts ahead, or even draft them ahead of time…
    need to organize and FOCUS. BECAUSE EVERYTHING is a blog! 🙂

  • Lizze says:

    I agree, I’ve learned so much from the Ultimate Blogging Challenge. The Facebook Group has been the most helpful in increasing my traffic though.

  • Beth,
    This was actually my third time participating in the UBC. Each time I learn a little more, become a little more consistent, and grow more focused and structured. I am “just” a blogger, not currently monetizing my blog in any way or using it for business purposes. However, within this year, I am planning on working on it’s existing content and organization in such a way as to have a writing portfolio to utilize in becoming a free-lance writer, editor, or anything that I can do with my writing and creativity with words. So, rest assured, I plan on participating in the upcoming challenges in 2013, where I anticipate engaging more and learning more from those who have technical skill and experiential knowledge in these areas as well as expanding my network and building a brand before I begin marketing.


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