Artist Entrepreneur: When Do You Ask For Help?

helping hand
Welcome to my Friday series on Artist Entrepreneurship, tailored to Author Entrepreneurs. Whether you think you’re in business or not as an artist, if you’re wanting to or are already selling your work, you’re in business!

When do you ask for help? And I mean all kinds of help: financial, emotional, psychological, spiritual, etc.

One of the traits often associated with artist and entrepreneurs is independence. Speaking just about myself, I am that gal who said from a very young age, “I can do it myself.”

Whenever I’m stuck, realize I’m stuck, and finally remember to ask for help, I do. But let me tell you — it can take me a long time to remember to ask for help.

I just called one of my essential vendors and created a payment plan, instead of strugling in silence to meet my obligations.

Maybe it’s obvious to everyone else to ask for help, but I notice that I go through all sorts of mental and physical heroics nefore I finally remember that I am not alone, that we’re all in this together, that You Can’t Fall Off The Universe, and I can receive support.

What about you? When do you ask for help?

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