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Is your character’s motivation strong enough? by Carol Malone

“Trevor’s only wanted to raise her girls and fight for her community nursing program. She didn’t have time to be distracted by the hot fireman she burned years ago by refusing his marriage proposal. If she could just remind herself of her desires each day, it wouldn’t be so hard working closely with him to help his father recover from a stroke.” Take Harte a novel by Carol Malone.


Backstory: Leave It In The Past By Kay Keppler

You have a great story with wonderful characters who overcame grievous wounds—abused childhoods, broken marriages, or alcoholic parents. How do you handle the task of explaining these life-defining experiences? In prologue, dialogue, monologue, exposition, flashback?


The Motivational Resolution Game by Wyatt Bessing

The prizes and camaraderie no doubt played a part in creating such a successful experience, but their goals – just within reach but quite challenging – and the fact that we held them accountable to those goals, were the most crucial parts of creating that change.