Discover the Book Within

Writing begets writing. #Justwrite“I have a book in me,” she said. “But I don’t know what it is.”

Ah, therein lies the rub. Or however that saying goes.

How do we go about discovering our book inside?

The answer is surprisingly simple, but not easy.

You write. Yes, write. Because writing begets writing.

It’s that simple. I do not mean to belittle the task. Writing a book is quite a large project that takes time. I know. I’m on my fourth novel.

Let’s begin at the beginning. Set your timer for 20 minutes. This timed writing session will be to focus on your book writing intention.

20 Minute Timed Writing: Start!

Write your intention. Yes, write that you want to write a book but you don’t know what that book is. So write what this book would be about if you could write about anything at all. Be wild. Be crazy. Be inventive. Give yourself permission to say the daring thing.

Next, flesh out your book idea. Write the main points or chapters. If you don’t know, that’s okay. Make it up. Just write the first idea that comes to you. Give yourself permission to express what’s within, what wants to come out. You can do it!

If one idea doesn’t flesh out that well, choose another idea. Choose any other idea that occurs to you and follow that thread. What’s that book about? Write the main ideas, the shape of the book, the feel of it. Be adventurous. Be bold. Go further than you have gone before.

If you’re inclined, and you have the time, write who this book is for – who is your audience? (and be as specific as you can), and also why you want to write this book. And why you are the right author for book. Yes, why are you the perfect person for this idea?

Okay, pencils down!

Read Aloud

Review your writing. Read it aloud for the room and your ears to hear. Notice. Listen to yourself. Breathe. It’s okay. You have survived the first step to writing your book. You are on your way!

c. 2009 Beth Barany
Who Beth Barany helps are aspiring authors who have the problem of wanting to write their books but aren’t writing. She helps them come to the page and get their books done. Beth specifically helps writers through her products and courses, like the Writer’s Adventure Guide e-course, and her coaching and consulting service.

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  • Stacy says:


    I’m gonna try this! I’m always saying I have in a book in me but I don’t know what it is. And you know what…I’m not sure I’m really telling the truth there! I’m sure some part of me knows or I’d not have the inclination. So I think I’m going to stop listening to “myself” and just start writing. (It’s probably a book on dialoging with your inner self!!)

    Thanks for the fun zone and all the great tips.

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