Recipe for Success: How to Reconnect With Your Writing

Have you lost your way with your writing and don’t know how to forge ahead? If so, this is a good time to step back, hold on to your courage and re-imagine your current writing project or work in progress (WIP).

Imagine your writing project as a delicious dish. Take a moment to immerse yourself in your sensations.



  • How does the dish smell?
  • How does it taste and feel in your mouth?
  • When savoring the dish in your imagination, how does it make you want to move — do you want to stretch like a cat, dance disco, or bounce like an excited puppy?
  • What sounds or music or rhythm could be associated enjoying your dish?
  • What colors or shape would it be framed by?
  • What feelings does the thought of this delicious dish evoke for you — joy, comfort, sensuality, anticipation?
  • What memories arise as you picture this dish, your writing  project?

Now take a deep breath and bring yourself back to your writing’s current form. You just reconnected with your art!

Next, ask yourself: What is my next step for my project? And how can I do that now? If you can, dive right in! If not, what is the missing ingredient and how can you invite it into your life?

Your recipe for success is in the doing of your writing. May you re-connect to the heart of your writing everyday.

 Happy Cooking Up Your Writing!

c. 2008 Beth Barany

A version of this published in the February 2007 edition of Creativity Calling, the newsletter of the Creativity Coaching Association as “Recipe for success: how to reconnect with your art.”

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