Your Mindset is Everything

Mindset is everything.Your Mindset is Everything

What to Do About Fear and Negativity

Many teachings, like The Secret, and others, talk about having a positive mindset, visualizing your success and focusing on your goal. You know what kind of book you want to write, right? If not, do the GMC exercise, posted here.

While that’s all well and good, what do you do with the inner demons that chant:…?

  • I’m not good enough,
  • I can’t write,
  • You can’t write, or
  • You’ll never be published

Do you ignore them, squelch them under deep into your subconscious, OR, do you say,

HELLO! I see you!

I have a rebellious nature, I march to the beat of a different drummer: I say, look your negative thoughts straight in the eye, and say, “Is that true?” And watch them sputter to defend themselves.

See, if you don’t know what negative thoughts block you and get in your way, then how can you defeat them, walk around them, and otherwise ignore them?


Stand at the kitchen counter and set your kitchen timer for 60 seconds.

Write in list form all the negative thoughts and the emotions they trigger about why you can’t write today.

(Thank you Denise McInerney and her Improv Techniques for Writers Workshop, for this one.)

Tell me how it goes!

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