You are a Well-Spring of Creativity: Part 1

The act of writing generates ideas, emotions, thoughts, feelings and images that tug at your heart and rouse you to laugh, cry, shout, or sing. And to vision. Though you may not know why you need to write, or what your thoughts will morph into, as a first step, it is the act of writing that is important.

At the rough draft stage of story or article development, free writing is welcome, necessary actually. At this stage, you need to see what is willing to come out.

The power of this kind of fast and loose writing is that it generates a positive YES into your mind and soul.

Name the Unnamable
Free writing says YES to your subconscious, and YES to pouring forth and name what was before unnamable, primarily your feelings and mental pictures. In this way, you can name, examine, share and release.

Knowledge is power. The power is in the writing. By writing your fears, hopes and dreams, you pull them out of your subconscious where they may influence you without awareness into the light, where you can be in control of them.

The Well Overflows
Free writing says YES to your infinite well-spring of creativity because every time, and I mean every time, you say YES to your infinite well-spring of creativity — by writing down a line, a word, a phrase, or pages — you’re telling your subconscious to send you MORE. The more you allow your creative ideas to flow, and the more you act on the creative thoughts by recording them as they arrive, the more they will zoom into your mind, pouring out of you like a crashing waterfall at high spring, fat with the snow melt.

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