You are a Well-Spring of Creativity: Part 2

from up Brain Space
Contrary to the niggling worry that you are wasting your time, your freedom at the flash writing stage actually releases the static of worry. Because you’re clearing out the debris in the closet of your mind, you can better hear your intuition and creative mind whenever it shows up.

Free up brain space to write by first spending at least twenty minutes free writing before you dive into your project. This works well when you have an hour or more for your writing. If you only have fifteen to twenty minutes to write, a two minute list-making session serves the same purpose of getting it all out. In two minutes, and only two minutes, name all your concerns, worries, laundry list of to-do’s that’s clamoring for your time. And because you’ve set aside this five minutes to write, just list them. Tell yourself that you’ll get to the to-do’s later, but now you are focusing your creativity by writing your book or article for the next fifteen to twenty minutes. This is a decent length of time to write at least the start of a scene or outline an article.

Lastly, free writing feels good. Otherwise why do it? Besides that, it’s
fun! Fun to move pen across paper, or fingers across keyboard. It is part of the care and feeding of your soul. You are taking care of yourself. Congratulations!

To recap, free writing generates ideas, says YES to your creative engine, frees up brain space and is an excellent way to take care of yourself.

Give yourself the gift of writing it all down.

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