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I Played Hooky The Other Day by Beth Barany

The other day I played hooky. Actually, I daydreamed; I rested; I fed the well. I watched 4 episodes in a row of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow; read just one more chapter of the...


Finding the Perfect Place to Write – a Field Guide to Procrastination by Catharine Bramkamp

From wanting to know if James Patterson uses a special pen to wondering what kind of perfect program Jon Green has loaded into his computer, we think that if only the specific talisman for good writing is identified, then purchased, possession will make us instantly famous. Except no matter what kind of special pen you own, you still must use it.


Procrastination: The Writer’s Favorite/Least Friend

I’m so happy to be surrounded by fun writing specialists who have unique takes on one of my favorite subjects, Procrastination. This post hails from Carrie Jaffe-Pickett, a Bay Area writer, editor and communications specialist. She may not realize it, but she’s a teacher too! Here’s her fabulous post on the writer’s least favorite friend*, Procrastination. (* The title isn’t a typo but a playful way to reframe procrastination. But that’s another story.)


Resistance is Powerful

 is also experienced by most artists and can be overcome. Some people call Resistance: writer’s block or procrastination. Steven Pressfield names Resistance the heart of everything and anything that stops us from creating. His...