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Creating Character Depth by Jami Gray

For all those who have interacted with small humans in the kinder-to-third grade arena, you might be familiar with Flat Stanley (also known in some cases as Flat Lizzy). For those who haven’t had the joy of meeting this illustrious character, a quick introduction.


The Happy Nexus of BayCon by Mike Robinson

I recently met Mike at BayCon, where I presented on 3 panels. He was happy to share his experience at this busy and fun science fiction/fantasy fan conference that happens every year over Memorial...


Who Loves Xena Warrior Princess? I Do!

I just love Xena’s joy, glee and grit. I love her toughness, and also her sad heart. Love Gabrielle and the jester too. Little know fact: the jester in Xena inspired my character, Jaxter,...