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Interior Monologue by Carol Malone

This material first appeared as a course within the Group Coaching Program for Novelists where Carol is an assistant mentor. Click here http://coaching.bethbarany.com/ for more information about the program where we help novelists write, edit, publish, and market their books with joy, love, enthusiasm, and smarts.


Artist Entrepreneur: Career Tips for Authors

Those who have the most powerful visions for their work, passion, persistence, determination, resilience and focus are the ones who bring it about. Decide who you want to become. Here are three ways to focus your time and energy so that you are not sitting around waiting for the book sales to come in.


How to Deal With Overwhelm as an Indie Author

It’s not what you think. No self-destructing, selfmedicationg, self-denial. Okay, a little…chocolate is okay. Make sure it’s 70% dark (Lindt, yum!) so you get the medicinal properties, too. Really, how do you deal with overwhelm as you navigate your busy indie author career? Well, I can only share with you what I do, what others suggest that I ignore, and things I’ve heard others say work for them.