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Avoiding Character Stereotypes by Kay Keppler 0

Avoiding Character Stereotypes by Kay Keppler

How careful are you when you describe your characters? Have you ever—or ever been tempted—to fall into clichés to get your point across? If you can avoid character stereotypes, you can strengthen your writing and keep your reader captivated.

Building Plot in Your Story by Kay Keppler 2

Building Plot in Your Story by Kay Keppler

If plot stymies you, as it does many people, you might be able to stimulate some ideas by thinking about your characters and what is likely to happen to a person like that. Ask yourself these questions. By novelist and editor, Kay Kappler.


Character Development by Annmarie Miles

I’m kinda cheating this month. I won’t be sharing much advice, although I hope it may give you some food for thought… 🙂 I suppose what I’m doing, is thinking out loud about a little writing conundrum I’m pondering; hoping you might chip in with your thoughts.


The Subtle Art of Eavesdropping for Character Development by Raina Schell

I’ve been honing my eavesdropping skills as of late, in the spirit that each of our fictional characters speak in a different voice. Whereas one character may sound like a grumbly religious naysayer, another may have the vocal inflections and vocabulary of a “valley girl”. Each character not only uses different verbiage, none speak alike in inflection or tone as well. I pondered this fact of good character development for some time before I decided the best way for me personally to get the “hang” of that was to eavesdrop on other people’s conversations in order to keep all of my characters from sounding exactly like me.