Inspiration From a New Direction by LA Bourgeois

Inspiration From a New Direction by LA BourgeoisLet’s welcome back LA Bourgeois as she shares with us “Inspiration From a New Direction.” Enjoy!


Are you looking for inspiration? An idea for a story? Confused by a character? 

Take a hike in a new direction!

I’d say take a drive, but we’ve all seen the gas prices.

Where to Look for Inspiration 

Getting outside and taking a walk is a great way to give your inspiration the little punch up it needs. 

When you participate in any sort of physical activity, you give your brain the movement and the silence it needs to make connections flow.

What to do When You’re Stuck

We all get stuck in ruts. 

We walk around the block the same way, wander the same streets, take the same hiking trails. And that’s fine for your exercise routine. The same number of calories get burned, the same miles get logged, the same steps show up on your pedometer.

Seeing the same route in the opposite direction gives you a new perspective. 

You’ll be amazed at how different Mrs. Rundleberry’s rose garden looks when you approach from the west instead of the east. 

You might notice the marigolds that pop out of the bottom of that fence you usually hurry by because the dog always barks at you. Your surprise, when you arrive from the north side of his yard– no time for woof!.

If you’re a hiker, you probably know all about how trails can look different from the other direction. 

Experienced hikers recommend turning around at each branch of the trail to look back to see what that branch looks like from the other direction. 

What you think will be a quick glance turns into an in-depth study. 

The same trail heading the other way can look strange and alien. If you don’t follow this one important trick, you can find yourself puzzled as to which way to go in the wilderness. 

Make the wrong choice and you end up at an entirely different trailhead, hiking even further to get back to where you left your car.

Why You Should Make a Change

That change in perspective can inspire your writing muse!

Our brains are always looking for patterns. 

When you go for your regular walk, your brain knows that pattern. It recognizes all of the usual sights and sounds, and that allows your brain to keep thinking the same thoughts.

By making any change to your routine, you jostle that lazy little beast. Your mind begins to forge new connections as it searches for patterns in this unusual world.

And when those new connections begin forming, look out! New ideas begin to pop up, plot points become clear, unforeseen words emerge for your consideration. Make sure to have your journal or a voice recorder app ready to take notes.

So, if you’re stuck, change your scenery! Inspiration lies the other way around the block.

Stay safe with this walking tip

If you are walking on a road that doesn’t have a sidewalk available, make sure to walk against the traffic. 

If the cars drive on the right side of the road, walk on the left. 

This tactic allows you to see any cars coming your way and gives you a chance to avoid distracted drivers. 

If you walk with the traffic, a car could hit you from behind before you hear it. Give yourself a fighting chance and walk against the traffic!



LA BourgeoisLA (as in tra-la-la) Bourgeois supports writers, makers, and other creatives in growing their creative businesses and breaking away from their day jobs.

As a creativity & business coach, she believes that exploring your creativity invites joy into your life, embracing your creativity infuses your life with joy, and manifesting your creativity gives you a joyous purpose. Writing and knitting are her non-negotiable mediums, and she can usually be found with a pen or knitting needles in her hands.

Find her free guide, Tricking Yourself into a Creative Habit online at and start writing those words today. She can’t wait to read them!

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