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Outlining Your Novel by Kay Keppler 4

Outlining Your Novel by Kay Keppler

If you’re stuck on your book, try outlining your novel. If you hate rigid outlining, doing a brainstorming page might change your mind about how you plan out your book. Read on for more tips on outlining your novel.


7 Ways to Brainstorm the Best Title for Your Book

My method for finding the right title is designed to help your fans-to-be discover your book. Recently, I’ve finished the draft to the sequel of my bestselling thriller The Torah Codes. Now I’m applying my method of finding the best title, and the system works so well that I’ve discovered all of my title ideas are bad titles!


Brainstorm Your Way to Success

I was looking back in my Writer’s Fun Zone archives and was surprised to see I’ve never written a post on brainstorming. Free writing exercises, yes. Inspiration, yes, but never brainstorming, specifically. Why is that? I assume, perhaps wrongly so, all writers know how to brainstorm. Deeper than that, I have mixed feelings about visual brainstorming…