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Artist Entrepreneur: How Much Time Does This Take?

Are you in a hurry to succeed? And just what does that success look? And look — squirrel! My entrepreneurial life feels like this — lots of question, lots of busy doing, and lots of distractions that seem beyond my control (but intellectually I know they aren’t.) Other Artist Entrepreneur posts have been about tips and support tool. This post is personal and actually sharing something personal and asking for help.


Artist-Entrepreneur Fridays: Artists’ Alphabet Guide to Writing

Guest Post by Aletta de Wal: As Artist Advisor for Artist Career Training, my mission is to help artists become “creative entrepreneurs” so that they can make a better living making art and still have a life. Kudos to the visual artists reading this Blog! You have figured out what many artists have to discover – that there’s a lot of talking and writing involved in making money from doing what you love.


Author Entrepreneurs: We Walk Alone Together

I learned yesterday in an awesome Human Design session with Julien Adler just how much I’m blazing my own trail. Darn! I look out into the field of other artist entrepreneurs and wonder how I can be more like them… Oops! I mean, what can I learn from them. Because I’m walking my own path. Other artist entrepreneurs like…