Artist Entrepreneur: How Much Time Does This Take?

Time Money Value -- What's actually and really important?

Are you in a hurry to succeed? And just what does that success look? And look — squirrel!

My entrepreneurial life feels like this — lots of question, lots of busy doing and getting a lot done, and lots of distractions that seem beyond my control (but intellectually I know they aren’t.)

Other Artist Entrepreneur posts have been about tips and support tools. This post is personal and I’m actually sharing something about myself and asking for help.

I was at my NLP* study group tonight and heard myself say, “If I really knew how much time it took to edit my clients’ manuscripts, it would probably be so little…” It wouldn’t be a viable business model. I didn’t say that last part. Instead I winced, and my friend gave me a knowing smile.

Yes, I just revealed something maybe most people don’t reveal…

How much time does it take to do my job well AND support myself?

Okay, guys,  do you have this challenge, too?

Yes, I’m asking for help… Help!

My fear is if I really charge what I should… then I’d have to find clients who could afford that, and see myself as more capable than I am now…

Any thoughts? Advice? Cheers?!


*NLP = Neurolinguistic programming or patterning. I’m studying for my NLP Practioner certification at NLP Marin.

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