Favorite Inspiring Things of the Week by Beth Barany

Favorite Inspiring Things of the Week…

Some of what I’ve loved…  am loving… and recommend for your consideration:

  • I’m still reading the Ava Lee series by Ian Hamilton — I’m on Book 9 now, The Couturier of Milano, and have just encountered the big problem at the heart of the story. I relish the anticipation of how Ava will get out of this problem—bigger than she’s ever faced before.


  • I finished reading Rites of Passage — I really enjoyed this book that I had to read in 10th grade English.


  • Listening to FranceInter via the app. I love hearing what’s happening in France in real time. If you can listen/watch media outside your country I highly recommend it, for the new/different perspective on the world it offers.


  • Absolutely in love with Rufus Wainwright’s song, “Haine.” I even found the lyrics to learn them. Such an intense topic to sing about in such a stirring way. “Haine” means “hate” in French.



  • I bought a copy of The Goddess Twins by Yodassa Williams and look forward to reading this YA fantasy.


  • A shoutout to Broad Universe that invited me to teach two online classes to them recently (along with other members): “Branding for Novelists” and “Plan Your Novel Like A Pro.” If you’d like me to teach an online class to your writer’s group, just email me and let me know your needs and we can get something on the Fall calendar, as I’m booking online appearances now.


  • Love these thoughts that Parker Posey shared as a guest in our acting class, “Character Lab” I took last month from Josh Pais. So wise. So humbling. Powerful. “To be intimidated is good. That means you’re vulnerable.”

What is Inspiring You?

What are you reading, listening to, watching, that is inspiring you?

I’d love to know!

Post a comment!



Beth Barany, Award-winning novelist and fiction writing teacher; Owner of Barany School of FictionAn award-winning novelist, Beth Barany writes science fiction and fantasy for young adults and adults. Her first novel Henrietta The Dragon Slayer won Grand Prize in a California Indie Author contest.

Based in Oakland, California, with her husband, Ezra Barany, also a novelist, Beth has lived abroad three times — Quebec and twice in Paris, France — and speaks fluent French.

Known for creating rich world, tough and kick-ass heroines, and refreshing romances, Beth creates cinematic stories to empower readers to be the heroes of their own lives.

When she’s not penning rip roaring reads, Beth runs an online school for fiction writers, speaks at conferences and international cultural centers, most recently in Saudi Arabia, and enjoys her many dragon figurines sprinkled throughout her house.

For freebies, excerpts, and more about her books, go to Beth’s site: author.bethbarany.com.

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