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Open Call for Nonfiction Essays for Anthology by Erin Lale

Each chapter will be an essay by a different author on what they’ve learned through inspiration to write fiction, through applying the universal truths of their lives to fiction, and other gnosis learned through the process of writing. Wherever this wisdom comes from, it all qualifies as long as it occurred in the author’s mind due to writing fiction.


Turn Fan Fiction to Original Fiction by Erin Lale

There are many more things one could write about with respect to Norse mythology and the Norse gods (which is actually a misnomer, since the culture which gave rise to the mythology spanned the whole of northern Europe north of the Roman Empire and predated the development of modern nation-states.


How to Get Published: Don’t Bore the Acquisitions Editor Into a Screaming Fit by Guest Author Erin Lale

Have you ever seen someone roll her eyes so much they pop out? Me neither, but that would be a great premise for a horror story, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately I’m much more likely to receive a story labeled horror in my slush pile that is fan fiction based on the 20 year old quickly-canceled TV show spin-off of the role playing game Vampire: The Masquerade.