Indie Fantasy Author LeAnna Shields is Confirmed

Welcome to the weekly Indie Fantasy Author Spotlight. Today we feature LeAnna Shields, who is the author The Alestrion Chronicles: Slaves Redeemed.
I had fun interviewing her!


Beth: What got you into writing this book in the first place?

LeAnna: I got into writing The Alestrion Chronicles: Slaves Redeemed when the vision of the main character Aria came to mind. A girl with golden eyes and white hair. With that I combined my love of mythology in the form of Alestrion the Phoenix and Illiandra, my main character’s griffin.


Beth: Thanks! Those creatures sound intriguing! What was the most fun thing to do during the writing, producing or marketing of your book?

LeAnna: The most fun thing to do was making up my own words while writing. I made up cuss words like Maknel and others.


Beth: Sounds like fun! So, I’m wondering… What are readers saying about your book?

LeAnna: Some have said it reads like a movie in their mind. Others are saying they can’t put it down when they start reading.


Beth: That’s wonderful! I look forward to reading it! I’m so curious now! Switching to another topic, why did you decide to Indie publish?

LeAnna: Truth is I decided to Indie publish to bypass the traditional process of sending out 99 inquiries for one yes. Now I just love the creative control it gives me.


Beth: I agree. We do get a lot of creative control as indie authors. Since we’re all learning from each other here, what advice do you have to authors just starting out?

LeAnna: Write what you love, and be true to yourself. Other than that just sitting down and writing.


Beth: Thanks! Anything else you’d like to share?!

LeAnna: Yes! I’d like to invite people to go to my website Hope they have a good day and keep cutting the clouds!


About the Author: LeAnna Shields grew up  in Colorado and lives there today. She went to public schools until high school and then chose a home school out of Chicago called Christian Liberty Academy Satellite School. Home school is where she excelled at and learned to write. Among other things, it was fun for her to write fan fiction about Star Wars. During college she started this series, The Alestrion Chronicles.

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