Branding for Authors: The Essentials

This Saturday, October 12, 2019, in Novato, California, I’ll present “Branding for Authors: The Essentials,” a morning talk and an afternoon hands-on workshop “Foundation of Your Author Branding: Craft Your Author Branding Statement” to Bay Area Independent Publishers Association (BAIPA).

More details and how to register here:

More details…

Branding for Authors: The Essentials (Morning Presentation)

Build your marketing foundation with the Branding For Authors workshop, for authors preparing to launch their books into the world.

For fiction and nonfiction authors…

Taught by teacher and coach, Beth Barany, the Branding For Authors workshop will help authors build their branding foundation, so that they can successfully launch their books into the world.

To reach your readers, lots of experts tell you to blog, and use social media, and send out newsletters.

But you’d rather work on your next book. Marketing obligations are overwhelming. Where do you actually start?

** How will anyone discover your book if you don’t take the time to create a sustainable marketing plan?

** How can you launch and get support for your book?

** How will anyone discover your book?

You’ve spent hours and hours, maybe years on writing and polishing your novel.

You’ve uploaded it to all the vendors and waited for that first sale. But nothing.

No sales, except maybe from your mother and best friend.

You realize you don’t even know what to say to get readers interested in buying your book.

If you’re planning to publish soon, you need to know exactly what to say to get readers interested in your book.

Or maybe it’s like this…

You’ve been publishing for a while but promoting feels like a black hole.

You’re doing everything, but you have no strategy and no coherent message.

You post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, etc. and are so tired you don’t have time to write the next book because you’re promoting all the time and constantly trying to figure out what to say next.

I get it. That’s why I created this workshop.

So when you work through the foundations of branding and marketing, you can gain clarity, peace of mind, and map out a plan of action.

The Branding For Authors workshop is for self-published or traditionally published authors preparing to launch their books into the world.

Over 250 students have used this course to build their marketing foundation.

We’ll cover the importance of:

• A one-sentence branding statement and how it can help you spread the word about your book

• Your author bio that carries the message about your book and your mission

• A mailing list so that you can cultivate a community

• Launch campaigns to reach your best readers

• A sustainable promotional content plan to fit your life and your brand

Afternoon session:

Foundation of Your Author Branding: Craft Your Author Branding Statement

Draw in your ideal readers with this one powerful sentence that answers the question we get at meetings, conferences, parties, and even in the grocery store, “What do you write?”

Many authors think that book promotions are about giving away tchotchkes — like bookmarks, key rings, coffee mugs, and the like — to get attention for their books. But actually, book promotions start with one of the most powerful yet overlooked methods to promote your books to your readers: what you actually say.

Word of mouth still sells more books than any other promotional tool out there.

And aspiring authors, of fiction or nonfiction: You can use this tool now. Promotions for your author career begins now.

If you just state what you write in a way that generates curiosity, then you can get more people engaged with what you write. Ultimately, they will become your avid fans and book buyers. Bonus: All on a zero budget!

What if you could you share what you write in one sentence and immediately know if your listener was curious, or not?

Because once a potential reader is curious and wants to know more, then you can ask for her email for your newsletter list (you have one, right?), or if appropriate, invite her to your online home of choice (blog, website, Facebook page, etc.)

So, how do you generate curiosity?

You learn to talk about your story in a compelling and interesting way. You create an Author Branding Statement.

There are four ingredients to constructing this concise, one-sentence description of your book.

The goal of this workshop is for you to design a statement that easily rolls off your tongue, and answers the questions we get at meetings, conferences, parties and even in the grocery store checkout line: “What do you write?”

Nail down the four ingredients to create your Clear Message:
􏰀 Your genre
􏰀 Your audience
􏰀 Your audience’s desired result or experience: what they want
􏰀 Your intended action upon your readers

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll:
• Draft your author branding statement
• Clarify your values
• Craft your author bio
• Clarify your priorities for author branding and marketing

More details and how to register here:

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