Site Security for Authors: Recommended Resources

Are you concerned about site security as you create your author site or maintain or overhaul yours? Then read on for some tools to help you secure your site.

Recently I had a malware problem on a dormant site. Thankfully, I was able to resolve that quickly (I have an alert system through SiteLock.). But then I got concerned about my author site and realized I need to reach out to an expert for clarification and help.

I’d just signed up for The Digital Reader (a news blog covering publishing, indie authors, ebooks, and ereaders) and received a kind welcome from the editor and founder, Nate Hoffelder, asking what kind of tech issues I was having.

In a few short emails, we set up a time to talk. In that complimentary consult, my problem was resolved, I learned about a few security tools I’ll share with you in a moment, and I had a trusted resource if my problem was worsened, and a trusted web tech person to recommend to you.

Have you been hacked?

Nate has a good infographic here to determine if you’ve been hacked.

Security check

If you want to check if your site is secure, use Securi’s site check tool here:

Secure Your Site

Nate has a 15-step PDF guide on how to secure your site here.

If you need help securing your site, contact Nate for expert advice. It’s nice to speak to someone about my situation, instead of talking to my hosting service that alway wants to sell me something.


Nate Hoffelder
Founder, The Digital Reader
Web Guru, Valiant Chicken Digital

(571) 406-2689 | | 13884 Montoclair ln Dale City VA


Proclaimed geeky stay-at-home web developer, Nate Hoffelder has been building and running WordPress sites since 2010. He blogs about indie publishing and helps authors connect with readers by customizing websites to suit each author’s voice on The Digital Reader, mentioned on podcasts such as The Creative Penn, Wordslinger, or Sell More Books Show. In his spare time, he fosters dogs for A Forever Home, a local rescue group.

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  • Hugh Tipping says:

    People so often neglect security on their WordPress site so I am happy to see an article about it. Coming from IT myself, I’d add to the plugin section of the PDF you link to. (1) Only use plugins that have high ratings and that many people use. (2) Don’t alter plugins and avoid writing your own unless you absolutely know what you are doing because you can introduce vulnerabilities inadvertently.

  • Beth Barany says:

    Hugh, Thanks so much for these tips! I’ll pass on the word to Nate.

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