I’m looking for a Project Manager who can do a work trade for a creative entrepreneur.

I’m looking for a Project Manager who can do a work trade for a creative entrepreneur.

Perfect for someone who wants to build a creative business, enjoys reading fiction and watching movies, is an advocate for the positive role creative fiction plays in our community, and lives in the US or Canada.


  • Learn about the creative process to go from generating ideas, creating the products, marketing them, and making a profit.
  • Gain experience to take this skillset to any company in the creative industry, whether that is entertainment, advertising, or the like.

Who you are

Aligned with my values of good communication; being specific in communication as much as one can; has a love of language; playful/finds the fun; intuitive; heart-centered; compassionate; clear-seeing; grounded; gets stuff done: has the storytelling bug; loves learning; self-aware; passionate about helping writers tell their stories; curious.

What you like to do

● Manage busy creative people;
● Manage timelines and priorities with ease and joy;
● Work for yourself and for others;
● Have great conversations with people;
● Find people who are a great fit for new projects;
● See trends and find people and projects that can surf those trends;
● Work independently and then with others with ease.

What you can’t stand

● Unanswered emails;
● Missed deadlines;
● To do lists that don’t get checked off;
● Sitting around twiddling your thumbs and daydreaming.

Who I am

A creative entrepreneur and leader who teaches, consults, and coaches mostly genre fiction writers; who writes and edits for herself and her clients; speaks at events.

I have short-term projects, long-term ones, and those in between. I have lots of content, intellectual property (IP) to be leveraged and need help reaching more people and groups who would benefit from my products and managing the completion of those projects in process.

Work Trade Term

I’m looking for someone who can commit for a minimum of 12 months. Though there is a trial period of 1 month, once we decide we want to work together.

Time commitment

About 15-20 hours per week; ideal for someone with one other client who is similar to me but not the same.

What you get

Since this is a work trade, in exchange for your project management help, you will be a premium member of my Group Coaching Program for Novelists, a $30K value (http://coaching.bethbarany.com/.)

You’ll get 2 one-on-one coaching/consulting sessions per month with me where you can get feedback on your projects, get guidance on how to building a training or teaching business; we can also discuss how a project goes from idea to implementation, from product to market, and how one can help a creative business make money.

Your daily tasks would include

1. Organizing Beth’s priority list in order of urgency, and in accordance with target deadlines.
2. Keep Beth accountable on a daily and weekly basis to make sure important tasks for the day are complete.
3. Actively search for new partnership and speaking opportunities, using Beth’s ideal client market niche as a guideline.
4. Handling customer service via email.

Learn more about what I do here:

If this opportunity is right for you, here’s how to apply:

1. Email me your resume to bethbarany @ gmail [dot] com, along with:
2. Writing samples of 2-3 business emails,
3. 5-10 pages of your fiction (It doesn’t need to be polished; just send what you have that you would like help on and is your current passion project)

Then I’ll contact you to set up a call to meet and get to know each other. If we’d like to continue together, I’ll ask for references at that point.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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