New Orleans Writers Residency


Is a writer residency a dream for you? Then check out this upcoming New Orleans summer residency!


Six winning applicants will spend July 10 – August 7th in New Orleans focusing on their writing in an historic shotgun just outside the French Quarter.

The retreat will cover airfare up to $500, and include a stipend of $200 per week to cover food and entertainment. During those four weeks, writers will build lifelong connections with other writers, and will have the opportunity to receive in-depth personal mentoring in everything from writing routines to the details of your craft.

The deadline for applications is June 1, 2017. Writers can apply at our website: You can also follow us on Twitter at @nolaresidency.

If you’d like more information, read below.
New Orleans Writer's Residency

We are looking for writers with a strong individual voice and point of view.

Writers are the myth tellers. They hold us accountable and tell us stories of who we are. They remind us of where we’ve been, and whisper prophecies about who we might become. Their role in every society, every time, has always been the voicing of unspoken truths and pointing a finger at things that everyone knows but somehow rarely feel in their entirety. We are looking for people to scratch the surface, to give context for a time in need of perspective . Our goal is to bring these voices together in a space where they can be inspired to just write.

The shotgun house the residency inhabits was purchased in 2014. It was a derelict, abandoned during Katrina and damaged during the floods. The family that owned it was the same that built it in the 1890s, and when given the choice between allowing their family home become a parking lot, or selling at below market value to Kat and Tim, they sold with one stipulation — that the home would be restored to its original glory and used to promote culture in New Orleans.

The New Orleans Writers’ Residency is open for submissions now. For more information or to apply, please visit

To learn more about the New Orleans Writer’s Residency, feel free to reply to give Maya Goode a call at 504-516-5737.

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