Plan Your Novel course starts Thursday + Other Useful Writerly Events

Because some of you asked I wanted to let you know that Kitty is doing a little better. She’s on meds and is a little bit more energetic. Hopefully at the end of the next 10 days she’ll be on her way to full recovery.

In this post, I want to share with you some upcoming events! Lots of things happening over here at Barany School of Fiction and the Creativity Sparks community.

Ask a writing coach daily live chat

– I’ve started a new daily #AskWritingCoach chat (no longer on Twitter.) This is on video and audio at You can join in by clicking here. You can also subscribe to get daily updates at this link. I was on today at 1 pm Pacific and will be on tomorrow 9/30 at 2pm PT.

You can follow me at here. (You need a Twitter account to join.)

Broadcasts last 45 minutes and I’m running them daily for the rest of this week and hopefully will choose a fixed time to do daily starting next week. Broadcasts are Monday through Friday 🙂 because I take weekends off!


Essential Plot & Character Tips Webinar
— Re-do Coming Soon

– Last night we had our special webinar for the Creativity Sparks community.

Go here if you haven’t already signed up for it. If you have signed up for it reminders will be going out later today for the call in number. See you there!

Space is limited so arrive on time and even a bit early.

Registration link:

We can chat at the webinar and you can also post your questions on our FB group for this event here.

Use this link if the above one doesn’t work:

Ezra and I dropped our newest tips and our evergreen ones that are super important and need repeating (because that’s how we learn!).

We gave away prizes — because that’s how we roll.

I announced the 2 scholarship winners too! Congrats!

Join in for the fun and stay for the learning!

Sign up here for the replay:


Plan Your Novel, 30 day writing challenge Starts Oct. 1

Our Plan Your Novel, 30 day writing challenge starts October 1. This Thursday! If you would like to join in the fun go here to register. We look forward to seeing you there!


Fitness and Writing: Just Do It

I’ll be doing occasional blab chats on fitness and writing and creativity. Subscribe to my blab channel to get those daily updates. I’m not sure when I’ll be doing those, maybe 1 to 2 times a week. I just did one yesterday morning, and it got me off my duff and out the door. When I got back from my 20 minute walk, I felt energized, clear, and excited for my day.


Resources that inspire me

In this new short feature I want to share a few resources that have inspired me lately.

  • Eye-opening and inspiring are Susan’s video series on bright line eating. Link: I’m really appreciating the refresh around good eating habits and rituals. She is one smart lady 🙂
  • I just received The Warrior Goddess Training Companion Handbook. I’m so excited to dive into that.
  • I recently started reading Sacred Ego by Jalaja Bonheim. I have known about Jalaja for a long time and even took a circle work weekend workshop from her years ago. I have a lot of respect for her wisdom. I’m thinking about starting a local discussion group to discuss this book and The Warrior Goddess Training and other books I have read this year. Let me know if you’re interested in that. I may do it via Skype or Zoom.
  • Speaking of other influential resources I’ve read this year, I want to mention Sacred Commerce by Ayman Sawaf and Rowan Gabrielle. I love their concepts around the sacred merchant. It really helps reframe what we do in the marketplace as people who provide products, and in my case also services. There is sacredness in the work we do. I love approaching my work in the marketplace with blessing it with creativity, verve, individuality, and fun.


Join in the community

Please do join us for one of our events or courses or chats. Also if you check out these resources, let me know what you think. I’d love to hear from you. Share in the chat with me what your favorite inspiring resources are too.

As always, I am here as a coach and a consultant for creative writers and novelists. If you would like to have a complementary exploratory discussion with me and get support around where you are in your writing, marketing, or publishing process, then go here to sign up for a complementary discovery session and let’s talk.

Have a happy and creative week!


If you’re considering joining us for our Plan Your Novel course — we start tomorrow, Thursday, Oct. 1st.

Click here to register now!

Have a Happy and Creative Week!

And thanks for showing up for yourself and doing your creative work!

All our best,
Beth Barany, Ezra Barany: Married team that helps authors create successful careersBeth (& Ezra) Barany

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