Novelists, Join us for our Twitter chat #askaWritingCoach

Ask us your questions on Twitter #askaWritingCoach

Ask us your questions on Twitter #askaWritingCoach

For the last week or so, I’ve been running live Twitter chats daily from 3-4pm Pacific (4-5pm Mountain/5-6pm Central/6-7pm Eastern).

Join us here.

You can follow me here.

*Need to know your time zone for this event? Use this cool time zone converter:

I feature guests —  other writing coaches. Past guests include Catharine Bramkamp.

Coming Guests

(List subject to change.)

We gather at 3-4pm Pacific…

Please join us with your questions on:

  • writing and finishing your novel
  • publishing your novel
  • marketing your novel
  • writer’s life
  • and anything else!

How to Join Us

Here’s some tips that can help the chat go easier, and things I do on my laptop during the chat: (I don’t usually use my iPhone for the chat, though it’s doable.)

1. Open You’ll need to let it authorize with your Twitter account.

In this way you can see all posts just using our hashtag #askawritingcoach.

Tip: You don’t need to type #askawritingcoach each time. It’s already in there though you can’t see it when you type.

2. Open another browser window to your Twitter account and click on the tab “Notifications” (

In this way you can see if people are talking to you but forgot to use the hashtag #askawritingcoach.

3. Content: share writing tips, favorite writing-related books, ask questions, tag your friends! Please focus on fiction, unless other questions come up.

Let me know if you have any questions!

And please share about the chat on Twitter. (Click here to share on Twitter. You can edit the tweet.)

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