The 3 Keys to Finishing Your Novel

Many authors think that getting a compelling book done is a matter of finding the time to do all the necessary research, or figuring out the best plot, or spending a lot of time on developing characters, but actually the real problem is having no support, no mentor, and no accountability. Notice how doing all the research or working on plot or developing characters does not address the problem of having no support, no mentor, and no accountability. If you only put in place the proper system for having support, a mentor, and accountability, you’ll have the clarity and enthusiasm you need to make the task of completing your novel a simple one.

In the first video, “How to Finish a Novel,” Ezra Barany defines the true problem with attempting to finish a novel. In the second video, “The 3 Keys to Finish Your Novel,” Ezra shows how to solve the true problem. In the third video, “Finish Your Page-Turning Novel,” Ezra presents a course that helps authors get their book done by December 2012.

If you’re curious to get your novel done by 2012 surrounded by a group of writers who will support you every step of the way, find out more about Ezra’s one-of-a-kind online program at

Video #1: How to Finish Your Novel

Video #2: The 3 Keys to Finish Your Novel

Video #3: Finish Your Page-Turning Novel

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